Vision Statement

Archbishop McHale College,  Tuam

Vision Statement

As you enter Archbishop McHale College, Tuam you will  meet students who are confident, co-operative and respectful.  You will meet Teaching and Ancillary Staff who are warm, competent, committed, and consistent.

The learning environment is stimulating, with noticeable use of technology to facilitate learning.  The whole range of Department of Education Programmes is made available and teachers adjust their teaching style to accommodate the learning needs of students.   Students are given every opportunity to develop life skills in an atmosphere of trust and respect.  Careers Guidance is provided in a systematic and effective manner.

The relationships between students and teachers is open, positive  and caring.  Students understand that their teachers have a genuine interest in their achievements. Students respond with an attitude of trust and genuine motivation

Parents are active partners with us.  They send their sons/daughters to school with a positive attitude and  a willingness to participate. The support they afford the teachers by attendance at Parent/Teacher meetings is valued and welcomed.

GRETB and the Board of Management  support  the mission of the school by employing teachers   with the highest levels of competency and by providing buildings that reflect 21st Century.