The Aim of the School

Archbishop McHale College has a proud tradition of providing a comprehensive system of education.  The school is inclusive, student centred, enabling and community focused.  It is the only co-educational school in the town of Tuam.  In this context we strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members, Board of Management and Co. Galway VEC  actively involved in our students’ learning.  We believe that learning is maximised when it takes  place in an environment of support, encouragement and assistance.  We seek to instil in our students high standards of academic scholarship, integrity, leadership and responsible citizenship

Homework is designed to reinforce and consolidate classroom skills as well as encourage our students to become self disciplined, independent learners.

The School Policy on Homework seeks to:

  • Develop in our students the skills, confidence and the motivation needed to study effectively on their own
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and concepts developed in class
  • Sustain the involvement of parents in the management of students’ learning and keep them abreast of their son/daughter’s progress and development
  • Ensure consistent approaches to the setting and reviewing of homework across all classes and groups including equitable distribution of homework for each subject.
  • Train students for revision
  • Respond to parents request for the setting of homework
  • Reduce student stress


The School Policy on Homework ensures that

  • Each student spends at least 45 minutes per evening at homework in the first year.  It is expected that this will increase to three hours per night in preparation for Junior Cert.  Leaving Cert students are expected to spend a minimum of three hours daily in private study.
  • Students with learning difficulty will be assigned appropriate homework
  • Teachers are expected to include homework assignments as part of their lesson preparation.  They are expected to monitor homework closely and show students how they can do better.
  • All students are issued with a homework diary to record assignments.
  • Parents sign the homework diary each night if necessary.
  • Homework is completed as assigned unless there is a valid explanation, in writing, from parents.
  • Consistent failure to complete homework will be treated as a breach of the school code of behaviour.

The School Policy on Homework places responsibility on



Teachers have responsibility

  • to assign appropriate homework and ensure that the student has been given sufficient help in class to be able to complete the work.
  • To check, review and give feedback to the student


Students have the responsibility

  • To complete the assigned homework including reading, writing, practical, oral.
  • To hand in the homework on the designated day
  • To present homework in a manner that reflects their potential and best effort.




Parents have responsibility

  • to show interest in their son/daughter’s successful performance in school an assisting, where possible, in the completion of homework assignments.
  • To support the school policy on homework
  • To request homework for students with unavoidable short-term absences.
  • To provide a suitable place in the home for homework that is  free from noise and clutter.
  • To help their son / daughter draw up a suitable homework timetable
  • To monitor homework and to contact the school immediately with issues or concerns.




The principal has the responsibility

  • To communicate the homework policy to all concerned
  • To foster communication with  parents regarding homework
  • Monitor the implementation of the homework policy