ARCHBISHOP MCHALE COLLEGE                               SUMMARY ONE YEAR DEIS PLAN     for 2016

  Target Measures
Attendance Reduce Chronic Absence Rate by 1% in 2016/17 school year


Track absences daily

Care meetings to discuss care needs of students

Students cannot leave school during the day without a note

Home visits

Retention We will retain all Travellers to Junior Cert.

We will retain 1 member of Travelling Community in Senior Cycle

We will create an inclusive environment where our target students will feel valued.

We will use teaching methodologies that will enable our target students to feel successful.

We will provide LCA as part of Senior Cycle options.

We will maintain positive links with Home


Literacy We will increase the Reading Ages of students in the 8-10 years category by 1 year

We will develop writing skills of our target group

We will ensure that subject key words are displayed.

We will use SNIP Literacy to foster Vocabulary development

We will highlight the importance of good grammar and spelling

Numeracy We will ensure that our target students will reach Junior Cert Foundation Level or Ordinary Level Maths We will use methodologies that help students to learn by doing.

We will provide small classes for Maths

We will present Maths as a fun subject

We will provide cross curricular Maths moments.


Examination Attainment We will ensure that all target student sit Junior Cert in at least 5 subjects

We will ensure that students are encouraged to take the highest level that reflects ability

Increase by 1 the number of students who sit HL in at least one subject

We will monitor attendance and support the vulnerable students.

We will use methodologies that enhance learning and set high expectations.

We will ensure that, students who require it, receive Reasonable Accommodation.

We will celebrate achievement

Educational Progression We will ensure that our students are adequately prepared to leave school at the end of Senior Cycle. We will ensure that Careers Guidance is given by a qualified person.

We will provide time on the timetable for Careers

We will provide the necessary information regarding options after Leaving Cert.


Partnership with Parents We will maintain good links with Parents of students. We will continue to treat parents as our partners in education by communicating in a serene, calm manner.
Links with External Agencies We will ensure that our student benefit from our communication with external agencies. We will maintain good communication with local business and industry that provides work experience

We will maintain good communication with HSE, NEP. TUSLA and all agencies that support our students.