Teen Voices Session Blog 1

Teen Voices Blog Post: Session one with Ms. Flaherty’s 1st year English students

Hello, our names are Caoimhe Mannion and Megan Nestor. Galway Rural Development informed our teacher about a programme they were running called Teen Voices. Our teacher Ms. Flaherty told us all about Teen Voices and as a class we decided that we would like to partake in these sessions. On Monday the ninth of May 2016 we were excited to participate in our first Teen Voices session.

When we entered our classroom there were two people standing at the top of the room, Annabell and Seamus. Firstly, we had to stand and introduce ourselves. Seamus asked everyone a different question as we were introducing ourselves such as “what is your favourite food?” This ensured that we were literally thinking on our feet! Every time we spoke during the session we had to stand.

Later, we were arranged into groups of three and we had we write a couple of sentences each about a celebrity that we thought was an honourable or poor speaker. We then had to stand at the top of the room and read out our judgements. Ms. Flaherty gained celebrity status as one group chose her as a speaker they admired due to the clear and concise way she explains things!

After that, we then had to choose two things to take out of our lives. A lot of the boys said no school or no homework! Finally, we were all given some topics to prepare to read aloud for our next session.

When we completed this session we all thought that it helped us to speak more confidently in front of a group and that future sessions will enhance our skills even more. We enjoyed Teen Voices and are looking forward to the sessions to come.

Thanks for reading our blog post!

– Caoimhe and Megan.