Thermo King and School Business Partnership

The Company Programme includes

  1. A Day in the Life of professionals at Thermo King. Employees from various backgrounds present their career paths to the group. This is followed by a Tour of the Factory.
  2. Rose the HR Manager at Thermo King ran a workshop in the school on Thursday 23rd of April to show the students what information is needed on a typical good CV and how they should conduct themselves in an interview.
  3. Mock Interviews – The class are attending Thermo King on Wednesday 29th of April, 2015 to be interviewed by a panel of potential employers at ThermoKing. All the interviews are conducted around the specific career aspirations of the individual candidates.

Wrap up, This takes place on 11th of May at the school where students will present their learning to representative of Thermo King and School Business Partnership.

Visit to Thermoking Galway: School Business Partnership

Today saw the third phase of this years School Business Partnership where the students had the opportunity to attend the boardroom of Thermoking and be interviewed individually by an interview panel. After the interviews students were invited back to the boardroom to receive feedback from the interviewers.

Since Rose Barrett (HR Manager, Thermoking Galway) attended the school recently for phase two of the programme the students were busy preparing their CVs and preparing for todays interviews.

One student commented:

“I hadn’t fully realised how many different kinds of jobs (and people with different educational backgrounds) would be present in the same organisation. There were people who were experienced veterans in their field and people who’d just got out of college, from Engineering to Business degrees to none at all.”


The group were accompanied by Business teacher Mr. Heneghan and Metalwork teacher Mr. Bilbow.

The School Business Partnership “THE SKILLS @ WORK PROGRAMME ”

The School Business Partnership “THE SKILLS @ WORK PROGRAMME ” was lanuched today (Thurs 25th Oct, 2012)
The world class multinational ThermoKing in Galway have come on board with Archbishop McHale College to provide all 5th Year, LCA 1 and LCA 2 Students the chance to participate in this programme.
Session One will include a site visit
At this site visit the students are given a brief profile of the company.
They are also given a talk by two or three employees of ThermoKing who inform the students about what exactly their role in work is by describing “A Day in the Life of … “e.g. someone from finance, marketing, production, IT,HR etc. The students love to hear first hand this kind of information and it reinforces in real life terms what the teachers are teaching in class time.
Session Two
CV Workshop & Interview Skills Talk
This includes an outline of how to apply for a job including an application letter and a CV/Application Form. Examples of good and poor CVs and letters are shown.
Session Three Mock Interviews – Students will take part in interviews for their chosen career path on site at the boardroom in ThermoKing.

 Session Four  This is a project for the students introducing leadership, presentation skills and the experience of working together as a group. They invite the company co-ordinator and co. participants to the school and provide them with feedback.