LCVP Work Placement “Takes flight”

LCVP Work Placement “Takes flight”

Congratulations to Denial Mills on securing probably the best Work Placement to date in the history of LCVP across the country!

He has spent 5 Days with Transaero, an Aircraft Maintenance Company in Shannon and this week he is currently working in The Tower at Shannon Airport with The Irish Aviation Authority. Here are some pictures he has sent back to the LCVP department.

I might add, Daniel is a 5th year LCVP student who initially sat in the IT room with aspirations of being an airline pilot – I must say he is going the right way about it! He applied to several airlines and was knocked back but he kept knocking at doors until he secured what he wanted.

I ask you this question: How many of you have sat in the cockpit of The Royal Jet that had just transported Prince Charles and Camilla to Ireland? Well Daniel Mills did. (For reasons of national security its best we don’t publish the photos of the interior – but first class has taken on a new meaning!!!)

He will spend the rest of the week monitoring flights over Ireland and the North Atlantic at the Irish Aviation Authority Tower at Shannon.

Well done Daniel !!!!


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Annual Archbishop McHale College National school 5 aside blitz

As part of the LCVP program, The 5th years organised the Annual Archbishop McHale College National school 5 aside blitz again last Friday, 8th of May. Despite the wind and the rain, the day was a great success with 12 schools making up 31 teams of both boys and girls taking part, showing great skill determination and teamwork.

Congratulations to Kilconly NS who won both the boys and the girls competitions, the first time this has ever been done. Well done also, to all the 5th years who prepared for, organised and ran the day so well. We would also like to thank Johnny Morris Burke, representative for the FAI who also attended.

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LCVP Class Skype Italy

16th December, 2014

Today the 6th year LCVP class had an international lesson. They organised a SKYPE video call to Jacopo Bibbiani, a volunteer, all the way from Pisa in Italy.

Jacopo is the brother of our exchange student in 6th year Ilaria.

The class learned all about the important of volunteering and why and how individuals become homeless. Jacopo informed the group how the organisation “Street friends” operates and the class drew comparisons to similar voluntary groups operating in Ireland.

A big thank you to both Jacopo and Ilaria for facilitating this experience and to Kehinde for setting up and displaying the video call for all the class to see.


The School Business Partnership “THE SKILLS @ WORK PROGRAMME ”

The School Business Partnership “THE SKILLS @ WORK PROGRAMME ” was lanuched today (Thurs 25th Oct, 2012)
The world class multinational ThermoKing in Galway have come on board with Archbishop McHale College to provide all 5th Year, LCA 1 and LCA 2 Students the chance to participate in this programme.
Session One will include a site visit
At this site visit the students are given a brief profile of the company.
They are also given a talk by two or three employees of ThermoKing who inform the students about what exactly their role in work is by describing “A Day in the Life of … “e.g. someone from finance, marketing, production, IT,HR etc. The students love to hear first hand this kind of information and it reinforces in real life terms what the teachers are teaching in class time.
Session Two
CV Workshop & Interview Skills Talk
This includes an outline of how to apply for a job including an application letter and a CV/Application Form. Examples of good and poor CVs and letters are shown.
Session Three Mock Interviews – Students will take part in interviews for their chosen career path on site at the boardroom in ThermoKing.

 Session Four  This is a project for the students introducing leadership, presentation skills and the experience of working together as a group. They invite the company co-ordinator and co. participants to the school and provide them with feedback.


“Here are the senior LCVP class on a visit to ThermoKing in Galway. They arranged this trip to allow them to write a Summary Report for their Portfolio of Coursework. They received a guided tour from the Engineer and also had a brief presentation from the Plant Manager. They got to see how a successful business is run with cutting edge efficiency. For further details on the trip why not ask one of the students to view their finished report.”