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Excellent Preparation for Life which means that your son or daughter will

  • be given an excellent preparation for public examinations. Verified by comparison with the National Average.
  • develop a positive self image and self confidence
  • develop an “I can do it” mentality
  • develop life skills and positive attitudes: trustworthiness, integrity and reliability.

Small Groups which mean that your son/daughter will

  • become more aware of his/her personal ability
  • have greater student teacher interaction
  • work to achieve his/her potential
  • have problems relating to class work or friends more easily recognised and dealt with

Small School which means that you and your son/daughter will

  •  will have made a personal choice for second level education.
  • They will have excercised leadership in chosing to be different.

We Make a Difference which means that your son or daughter will be given

  • a unique opportunity to grow and develop
  • many parents are making this school their first choice which means there are limited places