LCVP Class Skype Italy

16th December, 2014

Today the 6th year LCVP class had an international lesson. They organised a SKYPE video call to Jacopo Bibbiani, a volunteer, all the way from Pisa in Italy.

Jacopo is the brother of our exchange student in 6th year Ilaria.

The class learned all about the important of volunteering and why and how individuals become homeless. Jacopo informed the group how the organisation “Street friends” operates and the class drew comparisons to similar voluntary groups operating in Ireland.

A big thank you to both Jacopo and Ilaria for facilitating this experience and to Kehinde for setting up and displaying the video call for all the class to see.


Champion Swimmer at Archbishop McHale College

Congratulations!               Congratulations!                     Congratulations!

Mitchell Wilson is a student at Archbishop McHale College.  An accomplished swimmer,  he won a host of Gold Medals in these  competitions  during  2014.

  • Connacht Swimming Championships


  • Irish Short Course Open Championships


  • Dave McCullagh Memorial Meet where Mitchell represented Ireland in the dual Celtic meet against Scotland.  In this competition, Mitchell  won his first  National Cap.
  • Irish Long Course Open  Swimming
  • Irish Schools Competitions where he represented Archbishop McHale College for Connacht.  Mitchell   won the National Cup.


  • Irish Age Group Nationals
  • London Swimming Championships


  • British and Irish Nationals (Swimming)


Goals for 2015

Mitchell is currently preparing for participation  in the  European Youth Olympic Festival


The entire school community congratulates  Mitchell for his commitment and achievements.

We are all very proud of him.


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