Julius Brazas is going to EUSC

Julius Brazas is going to EUSC: we are proud and excited to announce that the European Union (EU) Sambo Championship is being held in Tallinn Estonia and Julius is the sportsman to go from September 19th to 21st.  Best of Luck Julius

AMC Tuam Mile Challenge

This week all students in the school completed the mile challenge during PE class. Some ran, some jogged and some walked but all students completed the challenge. Some of the best times included:

1st Years:  Boys
                    Adam Connolly 7.20
                    Kealan Mannion 7.30
                    Nathan King 7.50
                    Mellissa Roche 9.30
2nd Years: Boys
                    Shane Lynch 7.20
                    David Cannon 7.34
                    Dean Mannion 8.03
                    Obafemie Awoniron 8.16
3rd Years   Boys
                    Liam Synott 6.25
                    Ruairi Nicklin  6.35
                    David Hoult 6.37
                    Dillion Reynolds 6.37
                    Francis Ward 8.00
                    Bernard Sweeney 8.20
Transitional Years
                    Julius Brazas 6.23
                    Asis Gomez 6.35
5th Year
                    Dillon Keane 6.28
                    Niall Connelly 6.38
Leaving Certificate
                    Kehinde Awoniran 6.40
Leaving Certificate Applied
                    Ryan Wall 7.50
                    Aaronn Quinn 8.00