Past Pupil Reunion @ Archbishop McHale College, Tuam

Archbishop McHale College, Tuam

Tuam Vocational School

Calling all Past Pupils

We are planning a Grand Re-Union to celebrate our 75th Anniversary

Are you in touch with any past pupils?

Would you be willing to serve on a committee?

Would you be willing to be a link person with other past pupils from your years in the school?

Ring 093 24237 or Email

Random Act of Kindness Week @ Archbishop McHale College starting Monday the 21st of January

Random Act of Kindness Week @ Archbishop McHale College starting Monday the 21st of January. 

Why not join in wherever you are.

The third monday of the New Year, better known  as ‘Blue Monday’ is considered by some to be one of the most depressing days of the year, due to bad weather, post Christmas slump and debt.

Kindness is increasingly being recognized as a powerful way to increase general well being and enhance mood. It is the simple acts of kindness which cost nothing that most people prefer, according to a recent survey, carried out ahead of Electric Ireland Powering Kindness Week, 2012.

Eight out of 10 (79%) people said they found acts of kindness, such as giving up a seat or helping with chores, more satisfying than those that cost money. Almost 30% rated a simple smile and greeting as the kindest act a stranger could do for them.

Psychologist, Dr Maureen Gaffney said kindness had a significant impact on people’s happiness and mood.

“Kindness not only affects the person who receives the act of kindness, but has an even greater impact on the person performing the act of kindness.

“Kindness is not just a nice feeling, it is one of the 10 major positive emotions that drive an individual’s thinking and behaviour — character strength and a cardinal civic virtue — one of the invisible ties that binds us together.”