Visit to Fidelity Investments Galway

As part of the Junior Achievement Ireland Programe in conjunction with the Archbishop McHale Business Department First and Second year Business Studies students attending a visit to Fidelity Investments in Galway.This is an American software development company that have announced 100 new jobs.
As usual Archbishop McHale College students are at the cutting edge!


LCA Tasks

Well done to all LCA students who recently completed their state assessments. Over three arduous days they were examined on construction studies portfolios and projects, contemporary issues tasks and practical achievement tasks. Examiners were very impressed with the quality and range of projects that included projects such as tables and jewellery boxes, portfolios of yoga, swimming and guitar classes, the story of a charity gig with proceeds for MS Tuam and excellent insights into issues surrounding human rights and death row.

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Cross Country

Archbishop McHale College students were among a large contingent of students who participated in the recent cross-country championships in St. Mary’s in Galway. They performed with great heart, enthusiasm and no little talent. Well done again to Dylan Keane, Joseph Fahy, Shaun Moran, Ronan O’Grady, Jamie Higgins, Caelim Moran, Eanna Morrin, Jonathan Ward, Darragh Lardner, Patrick Miskell and David Wall