LCVP Class raise €700 for Amelia

The 4th year LCVP class with their teacher Mr Heneghan raised €700 by running a sports day for a baby that was born blind “Amelia” they ran the event, but it would not have come off without a huge effort from the teaching staff. This was their ACTION PLAN for their LCVP portfolio.

LCVP Trip to Thermo King Galway

The trip was to allow the final year students of the LCVP to write their Summary Report for their LCVP Portfolio, they all found it a very worthwhile trip and were very impressed with how the facility is run, from the design, manufacturing to R&D, to Finance, to Marketing, to HR elements and customer service – there was something for everyone.
A few facts they discovered: Thermo King opened in Galway in 1977, they have 550 staff working in Galway, It is on a 16 acre site, the export 90% of their products, They operate Lean Manufacturing, JIT Stock control systems, TQM (Total Quality Management) Many of these topics appear in both the Business and LCVP course as well as a huge ephasis on health and safety.